Kennington and Walworth Neighbourhood Action Group exists to uphold the interests of local residents who will suffer from the building works of the Northern Line Extension (NLE) until it is completed around 2020.

KWNAG is working with Transport for London, their contractor FLO and the local councils to minimise disruption and keep safety at the top of the agenda for residents and park users.

During the next five years our streets will be full of construction lorries threatening the safety of pedestrians and cyclist, our homes will be subject to vibration and land settlement and Kennington Park will be re-configured to accommodate a large ventilation shaft. The construction of the NLE also poses a threat to  safety standards at Kennington Station.

By fighting back we have already won major concessions on the design of the NLE and on the standards that will be applied to construction standards and working hours.

There is much more to do, and we need your help. The people of Walworth do not benefit from this line.

Help us to ensure that we minimise the negative impacts on our neighbourhood and ensure significant environmental and community improvements in return for the disruption and inconvenience created by Transport for London (TfL) and its contractors working on the NLE.